Key Practical Combat Skills of Project Management

Key Practical Combat Skills of Project Management

Key Practical Combat Skills of Project Management, Get Ready in Shortest Time and Easiest Way from Zero Basis.

  • Our life and job is full of Project type work. Compared with regular routine work, project is more complicated and more difficult to tackle. Project management is to help you handle these projects by systematic methods no matter in your life or job.​
  • Project management can be fun or nightmare depending on if you can grasp the key skills of project management and own the required personal characteristics to execute it in real job.
  • In this course, I will reveal the key essential practical project management skills including the topics like:​
  1. Project and Product relationship​
  2. Project process​
  3. How to start and manage a new project ​
  4. Project different aspects including scope, schedule, resource, cost, budget, risk and total management​
  5. What’s PMC? Project Management Console​
  6. What are the key characteristics and capabilities required for a project manager?​
  • You will learn these skills in shortest time and easiest way.​
  • You will be able to use these project management skills in your life and job to get success more easily.
  • This course is suitable for the new project manager, those who needs project management skills in their work and people interested in project management.​

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